What is the Desire Map?

A guide to creating goals with soul.

Your bucket list. Quarterly objectives. Strategic plans. Big dreams. Goals. Lots of goals and plans to achieve those goals–no matter what. Except…

You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing the feeling that achieving that goal will give you.

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.

Who is Danielle LaPorte?

Author of the Desire Map.

Danielle LaPorte is the author of White Hot Truth: Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path—from one seeker to another. The Fire Starter Sessions, and The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul—the book that has been translated into 8 languages, evolved into a yearly day planner system, a top 10 iTunes app, and an international workshop program with licensed facilitators in 15 countries.

Named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes, millions of visitors go to DanielleLaPorte.com every month for her daily #Truthbombs and what’s been called “the best place online for kickass spirituality.”

A speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist and Washington-DC think tank exec, Entrepreneur Magazine calls Danielle, “equal parts poet and entrepreneurial badass…edgy, contrarian…loving and inspired.” Her charities of choice are Eve Ensler’s VDay: a global movement to end violence against women and girls, and charity: water, setting out to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her favourite philosopher, her son.

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How can the Desire Map help you?

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Are you a goal getter?

Goal Getters are clear on what they want. They looooove planning — they are daily planner lovers, list-makers, focused. And, chances are, they never feel like they’ve arrived. They want holistic, life-affirming systems so they can do more of what they love and less of the planning.

Feeling good along the way to your goals doesn’t mean you don’t work your ass off to get what you want. It means you joyously work your ass off.

Desire feeling good more than you want to check accomplishments off your list!

woman with map on hilltop

Are you a seeker?

Seekers come to the workshop to get clear on what they truly desire. They know they have something to give the world; they’re just not quite sure what that thing is.

The Desire Map workshop begins with getting clear on what you already have in your life, what you are grateful for, and where you are dissatisfied.

You’ll get clear on the root of your desire and create a map of how you desire to feel in five areas of your life. From that place of clarity, you’ll be guided to discover and declare your core desired feelings.

The Desire Map is for you if:

you are ready for a new approach to goal setting
you have set goals in the past, maybe even achieved them – but still feel like something is missing
you’re tired of striving, you are ready to feel good
you want to have an incredible year this year
you love feeling good
you always put yourself at the end of your “to do” list, and you are ready to put yourself first
you are feeling dissatisfaction at work, and are considering a career change
your kids are grown, now what?
you’ve just graduated, now what?
you know there has GOT to be more to life
you LOVE self improvement journeys
you set the same goals every year (lose weight, eat healthy, go to the gym…) and you are ready for something different
you are finally ready to call in the life you desire (and deserve)
you are slightly, even just a little bit, curious or excited about what you’ve read so far

That sounds like me!

Do all of these things seem to be describing you? Let’s talk next steps.

Core Desired Feelings

How do you want to feel in the deepest part of your being? What feelings make you come alive? What feelings make you feel more aligned with your true self? I’d like to share my four CDFs with you in the hope that you’ll join me to search for yours!


united or joined so that a real link is established

genuine and real, worthy of trust

to feel power or authority; to be enabled

originality of thought and expression

How do you want to feel?

What if we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career – your life?

Desire to feel better? Ya, you do.

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