Always looking for more.

Do you find yourself with many of the things you thought you wanted to be happy, yet still feel an aching need for more? Perhaps you have the life you worked hard for, but still feel like there must be something more out there? Or maybe you have no idea what you want to do for the rest of your life and are seeking clarity or guidance.

This was me a few years ago and, at times, is still me today. I am always looking for more.

Don’t get me wrong, I live a very grateful life. I have an amazing job helping people every day, I own a home in the beautiful city of Barrie, I have love in my life, and my amazing son Grayson fills my heart with endless joy and pride. He is seriously my whole world!

Then why do I still crave more? Because I am human. Because I know I deserve as much as my heart desires. Because I want to lead by example so my son never stops reaching for what truly makes him happy in life. So when I say I am always looking for more, I mean: more love, more laughter, more personal growth, more knowledge, more ways to serve.

That pivotal moment.

It was January 2013 and I was bitten by a New Year’s resolution to better myself (a trait inherited from my wise mother who was always inspired by self-help books when I was growing up, and who always inspired me to be the best “Mandy” I could be) when I discovered The Desire Map.

At that time, a dear friend had encouraged me to expand on my journey of self-discovery and actually take the time to define who I am — even if that meant personal sacrifice — and I am so glad I listened because it led me to The Desire Map and where I am today! (Thank you, my friend, you know who you are.)

The Desire Map hit all the right nerves and spoke to me in a way no other self-help promise ever has: eye opening, earth-shattering and intense. It shook me to my core. I could feel it was changing my life.

This workshop surfaced the past: the dark and the light. It unveiled a series of events that helped shape me into the woman, the friend, the daughter, the wife, the ex-wife, and the mother I am today. The Desire Map also helped me realize that I had the control to either stay on that path or re-direct it. And that it’s not so much about what’s at the end of the path, but the path itself. It’s a long journey, so we should be feeling fulfillment every day, right?

Ever since that life-altering day in January, I have stopped chasing my goals and have started chasing my core desired feelings. Connected. Authentic. Empowered. Creative. My life will never be the same!

Desire Map books and glasses on tray
Desire Map books and glasses on tray
Desire Map books and glasses on tray
Desire Map books and glasses on tray
Desire Map books and glasses on tray

Feeling fulfilled.

When I discovered The Desire Map, it truly changed my life. I wanted to tell the whole world about it. I found everything in my life lighting up when I began asking myself: How do I want to feel? And what am I willing to do to feel the way I want to feel?

When I discovered there was a licensing facilitator program that would support me in bringing this work to others, I knew I had to do it! I knew I wanted more.

As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator & Coach, I help people find clarity and teach others how to create goals with soul. Through Desire Mapping, my own core desired feelings are fulfilled in helping others live according to how they want to feel.

I get so much pleasure out of empowering women to love themselves deeply – starting with their heart, tapping into their love, and bringing their core desired feelings to life. If you are a Seeker or Goal Getter who desires more, I would love to help you find clarity on your goals and guide you on your journey to fulfillment.

So tell me… how do you want to feel?

It’s simple and incredibly powerful.

Why Desire with Me?

I know how it feels to lead a life that looks good on the surface but doesn’t feel good at its core, because I hadn’t discovered my core desired feelings yet
I am passionate about this work and about sharing it with you
I know how powerful the Desire Map can be when approached with devotion and commitment
I believe that the answers each of us seek are within us, and that I can guide you to discover them for yourself
I am dedicated to inspiring you to be your best self
I promise to continue to learn from other inspiring leaders and to share these sacred practices with you

You + Me + Desire Map

I currently offer an Introductory Course as well as a complete Desire Map Experience workshop. Choose from virtual or in-person sessions, group settings, or one-on-one coaching. Reach out to me today to chat about which style would benefit you most!

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