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Got questions? Of course you do.

Questions are good because that means you’re already desiring, aspiring, hoping, reaching. Below are a few of the most commonly asked Desire Map questions. I hope you find this information helpful and if you come across anything that I have not yet addressed here, or if you want to discuss something more personal, please contact me using the link below. I’m here to help!

I'm in the midst of one or all of the following: a major life/work transformation, thinking of starting a new business, have lost my mojo, feel like something is missing, ready to get my spark back, ready to move up in the world, ready to connect with my true essence, and ready to define success in my own terms; is this for me?
This is exactly what you need… right here, right now!  I can’t think of a better time or place to reclaim your life. Now is the perfect time to align your deepest desires with your intentions and actions so that you can bring your present into clarity and your future into focus.  All you have to do is show up and open your mind and your heart to discovering your most authentic self.
Actually, I'm doing really well right now. Why should I take this program...I already love my life!
This workshop is for women who want more of anything – more joy, more purpose, more clarity, more play, more money, more freedom…who doesn’t want more of something?
I'm pretty shy, I'm not sure I'm ready to share my deepest thoughts.
This workshop is a safe and sacred space, filled with support and compassion. You will be invited to share when it feels right to you, but you will never be forced into sharing at anytime.
This is a lot of money, can I afford it right now?
I understand that finances may be tight, it’s ok…a girl’s gotta pay the rent, right?  But most of us have indulged on a shopping trip or a girls weekend out.  You know deep down inside if this is something you need in order to create a beautiful life.  Think of The Desire Map as an investment to your life. I promise that your life will never be the same, again. How much is that worth to you?
Are workshop participants required to have read The Desire Map book or be reading the book before they attend?
Not at all! Workshops are designed to allow time for both newbies and those who are already steeped in The Desire Map to dive further into the material, revisit it, or think about it for the first time. No prior experience necessary.
I haven't read the book, will this impact my Desire Map experience?
Absolutely not!!  This is a stand-alone, immersion experience. It is a complete workshop that encompasses everything the book has to offer plus all the shared experience of a soul-sisterhood, AND personal coaching experience that is above and beyond the book.
How many people will be participating in your workshops both in person and virtual?

To ensure a supportive experience for you as a Facilitator and as an attendee, I wanted to limit my in-person and virtual workshops to a maximum of 10 people.

Is there any benefit to doing an in-person workshop versus a virtual workshop?
I don’t think either format is better than the other. We will cover the same content. This is a personal preference.
What if a participant discloses something really serious and personal during the workshop (like self-harm or significant trauma)?
For most people attending the workshop, it’s going to be as simple as coming, exploring their lives, and then taking the work we do together ahead into their day-to-day.

For other participants, sometimes hidden or more intense emotions of valid concern may arise, which would require more focused help than my workshops can offer. I can’t offer you any signs or signals for assessing this, and I shouldn’t be as that is not what I am trained to do (unless I was a psychotherapist). However, if someone actually states that they need my help or they disclose something during the workshop that’s really serious — a desire to harm themselves, an admission of having encountered sexual trauma that they have never dealt with, eating disorders, clinical depression and more — then they would be referred to additional resources. I will have a list available of psychotherapists that I can recommend and websites that speak to these issues. These resources can support you beyond what we’re exploring in the course.

When you share feelings of [sadness, anger, frustration], my heart really goes out to you… and as someone who wants to see you get the very, very best out of this course, I think seeing a professional who might be able to help you unpack that more would be really helpful.

Find Barrie area mental health help here.

After the Desire Map workshop, what support can I expect?

There is still an opportunity to move forward together. There are ongoing coaching options I offer that can be customized to support your needs.  

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

  • A monthly check-in: One call per month for three months at 60 minutes each. Great for ongoing accountability.
  • Group support: Follow-up group coaching, with a three-month commitment.  This is great for continued support at a lower investment in a community environment.
  • Life coaching: Bring your CDFs to all areas of life, with a three-month commitment.

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